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Typical fangirl. Cosplayer. Explorer. Introvert.

Thank you for dropping by and please know that I am writing to express myself. Honestly.


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From all your hootowls all around the globe, Happy Birthday, Mr. Adam Young! And we thank you for all the wonderful music you have made, music that at times have made us smile and keep fighting on. Thank you for making us dream of better days and to dive in worlds beyond the real one that we always see. Thank you for the tweets and other posts that make us think, than inspire us, that make us laugh, and makes us smile. 

Thank you and God Bless You! 

how anyone should react to anyone that doesn’t want to

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There will always be that part of us that wants them back. Once broken, our hearts are forever scarred.

I wish people would send me messages. Random, anon, whatsoever..


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#WolfBite #UltravioletJune27


Candle cinemagraph no.1 by ben-walker.tumblr.com


Candle cinemagraph no.1 by ben-walker.tumblr.com

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